Trust God.
Jesus Guarantees it.

The Ranch Church

Sundays 10:00 AM | 800 E. Hwy 246, Solvang, CA
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The Eighth Watch

Devotionals From Rick Soto

Pray Without Ceasing

Class: Focus On Jesus

Take the Free Course

The course and workbook are simple, but don’t let the simplicity fool you.

Talking Faith

Devotionals From Jeff Clay

Thin Places

Worship Resources From Casey Corum

Showing you where the presence of God is more tangible in our lives.

Additional Church Resources

We will help put you in a position to connect and have a life-changing encounter with God.

The number one way to get connected is with a small group of fellow believers. They’re the place where the real ministry of the Church takes place as we study God’s Word while supporting and sharing our lives with one another.


The Ranch Church App is a place to find so many resourses about our church, and ways to stay connected. While this website is designed to stay static and constant, the app is constantly being updated by our staff to bring you the most relevant information for your walk in faith, and involvement at the Ranch Church.

Your Next Step

SUNDAYS AT 10:00 AM | 800 E. Hwy 246, Solvang, CA

Join us this Sunday 10:00 AM at the Shoestrings Farms, where we will have an encouraging message, a life changing worship experience and church your children will never want to leave!

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Wonderful pastor, loving community, world class teaching and worship.

Shaun Cleary

The Ranch Church is home. Great message , great worship and great people. Cant wait till next Sunday!

Rob Vesely

God lives here.

Meryl Tanz