Message: “How to Undo a Mess” from Rick Soto – Senior Pastor

Rick Soto – Senior Pastor - December 3, 2018

How to Undo a Mess

How to Undo a Mess

In this episode of The Winning Ticket - How to Undo a Mess, Pastor Rick Soto takes us through Psalm 51.  In this Psalm we take a peek into a soul coming to God after inflicting terrible pain on others.  The Psalm answers the question, in his darkest hour, how did David approach God?  In verse 1 of Psalm 51, David appeals to 3 parts of God’s character: Mercy (cousin to the word for grace). Steadfast love (lovingkindness KJV). Abundant mercy (tender mercies KJV related to the word for compassion). Self justification is gone and David’s only hope is in God’s true character. Sometimes all we can ask for is God’s mercy and sometimes all we can plead for is God’s unfailing love. Visit next weeks episode in the on-going series The Winning Ticket by visiting: http://RANCHCHURCH.COM/message/how-heaven-helps-me/ After listening to today's sermon on Psalm 51, dig deeper with Pastor Rick through his Simple Bible Commentary blog below:

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