Message: “How Heaven Helps Me” from Rick Soto – Senior Pastor

Rick Soto – Senior Pastor - December 30, 2018

The Winning Ticket: How God's Favor Works

The Winning Ticket: How God\'s Favor Works

Listen as Pastor Rick Soto brings you the next episode in The Winning Ticket series. This weeks sermon is  titled: How God's Favor Works.  Psalm 90 is a prayer of Moses.  The message shows us how God's Favor is supernatural and how it is a Grace given by God.  So sit back and listen to the amazing story Moses has to tell.  Listen to how Moses is a flawed individual but God's favor is with him. If you missed any of the prior episodes in the series The Winning Ticket here is a link to last weeks: http://RANCHCHURCH.COM/message/how-god-makes-life-wonderful/ Listen here:

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