Message: “How God Healed Me” from Rick Soto – Senior Pastor

Rick Soto – Senior Pastor - December 16, 2018

How God Makes Life Wonderful

How God Makes Life Wonderful

God makes all things wonderful in their time.  And God is the God of answered prayer.  David is now king, and most likely on the run. Abaslom has rebelled against his father, and taken Jerusalem. So much feels lost to David, or impossible. David must consider the loss of death and enormous pain civil war brings. There is no winner in a civil war, only losers. Not only must David attempt to minimize the body count, he must also work to ensure his rebellious son is not killed. From David’s viewpoint, a wonderful life seems far away, so he prays hard after God, and finds him. For the next episode in the series The Winning Ticket visit: http://RANCHCHURCH.COM/message/how-gods-favor-works/ After listening to today's sermon on Psalm 61, dig deeper with Pastor Rick through his Simple Bible Commentary blog below:

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