How Heaven Helps Me

The Winning Ticket

Rick Soto - Senior Pastor - December 9, 2018

For today’s episode in The Winning Ticket series, How Heaven Helps Me, we find in Psalm 57, that David seeks God by declaring what is true about God.  And what is true about himself before God.  The combination is lethal against the enemies of God.  Read Psalm 57 and see if you can find the six declarations David makes about God and the six declarations David makes about himself.

God Declares

  1. God fulfills His purpose
  2. He will send help from heaven
  3. God puts to shame those who trample me
  4. He sends out steadfast love
  5. God’s steadfast love is great
  6. God’s faithfulness is to the clouds

I (David) Declares

  1. In you Lord I take refuge
  2.  I cry out to you Lord
  3. My heart is steadfast before the Lord
  4. I will sing to the Lord
  5. I will awake the dawn and meet the Lord
  6. Give thanks to you my Lord.

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