The Ranch Church Kids Ministry is all about bringing God's Word to the children of all ages.

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Our weekend services are held every Sunday morning at Los Olivos Elementary School Gym at 9:30am.

Kid's Ministry

Mission: Our vision for Kid's Ministry is to see a passion for Jesus ignited in the hearts of our kids, and a love for the word of God, which we believe will fully equip them to live out the calling God has on their lives.

We seek to demonstrate the love that God has for them and to model what it means to love, live, and labor in and for God's kingdom.

We offer Sunday School classes Nursery, Pre-K – K, 1st grade thru 3rd grade and 4th grade thru 6th grade.

Check in at the Kids' Porch which is located behind the main walk way.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6


Jesus Loving and Bible Believing

 - we love Jesus. It’s a big simple statement.. We are here to learn about the character of Christ through His word and the testimony from our peers. We do our best to present age appropriate memory verses so that your kids have Christs words ready on their lips in times of trial/hardship/pain. (Proverbs 22:17-23).

Safety - Is It Safe.

 - space where kids can come freely, parents can worship without worrying so that they can worship and be fed so they can be a leader in Christ for their family. We are all mandated reporters which means that we are spiritually and legally called to protect and advocate for kids. Our teachers complete background checks, there are 2 teachers in each classroom for accountability and safety, we have security monitoring the children’s area to make sure teachers feel supported and children are safe.

We Pray

 - we pray over your children and your families. We are praying into a generation to create a future generation of prayer warriors. We keep what your children pray for confidential and hope that it builds strong friendships and mentorship between children and God believing and fearing adults. We also keep prayer requests confidential to protect your families in difficult seasons you may find yourself in. If a child’s prayer request is a particularly heavy concern, volunteers may pull you aside and speak to you in private to pray over your situation more and try to alleviate any burden (Galatians 6:2).

Class Structure

The Ranch Kids Church program has multiple classes for Kids of all ages.  We have a Nursery for those ages 0 - 3.  We also have classes for Pre K - K, Grades 1 - 3 and Grades 4 -6.

This is KIDMIN, not school

 - we understand that the majority of your children are in school most of the week so we are not here to simply teach, but to create a space for fun and freedom. Our volunteers are committed to making Sunday mornings memorable for your child. We try to keep lessons age appropriate and entertaining while still seeking to learn about God’s character. Teachers might use the outdoors, bring crafts, have snacks, or sing with their class. Our goal is that these kids develop a firm foundation of faith, while having fun in an exciting environment. We want your kids to get excited about Sunday morning! 


 - in order for kids to thrive, parents might need more support. People in leadership at TRC are willing to meet and talk to any parents or families in times of questioning, difficulty, or in times of joy and rejoicing. If there are needs in your family or with your child, please let staff know! We genuinely care about your family and want to support you!


Ages 0 -3


Donna Davidson

Lanette Gutierrez

Denicia Gills

Sydney Gills

Leanna Mira


Lil Wranglers

Pre K - Kindergarten


Grace Beswick

Julie Leonard

Amanda Wright

Assistant Teachers

Kristen Dunbar

Victoria Mandujano

Erika Turner

Cow Pokes

1st Grade - 3rd Grade


Chelsea Hewitt (Volunteer Leader)

Karen Miller

Kirsten Musterer

Dana Solum

Assistant Teachers

Heather Strong

Breanna Sayre

Ranch Hands

4th Grade - 6th Grade


Betsy Jenkins

Marvin Jenkins

Bill Swanson

Debbie Ulrick

Assistant Teachers

Betsy Jenkins

Marvin Jenkins

Sandy Luna

Greg Ulrick