• Rick Soto

    Senior Pastor

    Email: rick@ranchchurch.com

    Rick Soto was born in Arecibo Puerto Rico to Puerto Rican parents. Raised in Los Angeles, he attended and graduated from Catholic schools.


    During he senior year at San Diego State University he had a sudden and radical encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, and afterward was never the same. He left early business opportunities behind and engaged in full time ministry as a newer believer.


    A number of years were spent in college ministry, traveling to many places all over the world to preach the gospel, including the former Soviet Union and the Middle East. It was during this time that Rick and Jane fell in love and were married. After some time Rick landed on the staff of Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara, and then saw the Lord open doors to plant The Ranch Church.


    He can sometimes be seen running through a local valley trail, and is often found at the gym. Rick and Jane have four treasured sons.  

  • Jeff Clay

    Associate Pastor/Pastor of mens ministries

    Email: jeff@ranchchurch.com

    Jeff was born in 1961 and raised in Fullerton Ca. Jeff grew up in an environment that was anything but Christian and felt the sting of his parents being divorced at a young age. Using drugs with his parents was not uncommon and set the stage for a number of unfortunate situations that forced him to grow up very fast.

    Jeff was married to his high school girlfriend and love of his life, Robyn, in 1985. They bought a house in Yorba Linda Ca and started a family which eventually resulted in 3 beautiful children Brittney, Brandy and Brent. After the birth of Brittney, Jeff"s drug use and all around restlessness came to head and his wife threatened divorce. Vowing never to repeat the mistake his parents had made put him in full crisis mode.

    About that time a man at Jeff's work place had been sharing about his relationship with Jesus Christ which "supposedly" changed his life. Jeff just made fun of him and asked him if he wanted to get high. As things went from bad to worse Jeff reached a point of total desperation in 1987 and asked Jesus "if he was real to show himself to him." That morning Jeff had a supernatural experience of the interior of his car "lighting up" on the Newport freeway at 4 in the morning while driving to work and asked Christ into his life.   

    It would have been great if the story ended there but Jeff and Robyn moved to Solvang Ca in 1989 to get out of Orange County and Jeff was hired by the Santa Barbara Sheriff's department. Jeff was injured on duty and had two knee surgeries that resulted in him being introduce to a pain killer called Vicodin which began a 12 year addiction where Jeff walked away from his faith to satisfy his flesh. Jeff was trying to live like a Christian on Sunday but was using drugs heavily the rest of the week.

    Jeff was finally able to give Christ the role of Lord in his life and never use Vicodin again. Not long after that Jeff and Robyn were taking a walk in their neighborhood and saw what they thought was a bible study going on. Jeff met the leader of the bible study, Rick Soto, who was actually planting The Ranch Church in his living room and they became friends instantly. Jeff joined the new church in 2007 and was asked to join the staff team in 2008. Jeff and Robyn have never looked back as the Lord Jesus Christ continues to fill them with his New Wine. 

  • Justin Jacobs

    Director of Worship/Youth Pastor

    Email: justin@ranchchurch.com

    Justin Jacobs is our Worship Director at The Ranch Church and oversees not only worship, but our sound and media departments as well. God has used Justin in conference and main stream events worldwide and has opened up doors for him to meet and work with individuals such as John Bevere, Pat Sparrow, Tommy Tenney, Jack Hayford, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, Charlie Hall, Matt Redman, Barlow Girl, and so many more. He has led worship and spoke at worship conferences, youth retreats, prophetic conferences, healing services, college campuses, unity gatherings, national day of prayer events, and churches all over. Justin joined our TRC team in 2012 and now resides with his family in the Santa Ynez Valley and continues to speak and lead worship at different churches and conferences worldwide. In October of 2005 he married his amazing wife Katie Sparrow, and the two have joined on their journey to begin a fresh revival within the hearts of God’s people through worship, teaching and a stream of new resources to light a passion to change the world for God’s glory. With a heart for worship and a passion for expressing the hope and greatness of God, Justin and Katie's ministry continues to bless and ignite the hearts of people and churches all over.

  • Leslie Guenther

    Administrative Assistant

    Email: leslie@ranchchurch.com

    Leslie is our Special Projects and Ministry Coordinator.  Coming to the Ranch Church in 2011 with her family and finding a "home" has been one of God's  greatest blessings. God placed a special calling on her life in 2012 and  Leslie has been on staff at TRC since January of 2015, after a prior career in the insurance industry.  Using her prior training and gifts, love of people and joy in serving,  Leslie focuses on connecting TRC members and newcomers with various ministries from Church Development and Partnership Groups to College and Women's Ministries.   

    Leslie and her husband, Jeff, have been married almost 27 years, love living in the Santa Ynez Valley and have one college-age daughter,  Katie. 

  • Melissa Sayre

    Director of Children's Ministry

    Email: melissa@ranchchurch.com

    Our vision for Kid's Ministry is to see a passion for Jesus ignited in the hearts of our kids, and a love for the Word of God which will fully equip them to live out the calling God has on their lives.

    Our mission is to provide curriculum which will teach them the foundational truths of God. We seek to demonstrate the love that God has for them and to model what it means to love, live and labor in and for God's kingdom.